Know Your Rights

Your Rights as a Member of UFCW Local 648

It is important for you as an employee to know and understand all your rights as a valuable part of your company. When working to unionize your store, there are certain things your employers cannot, by law, ask you about, threaten you with, or comment on. These regulations have been stipulated by the National Labor Relations Act.  Should you become the victim of any of the following, contact a union representative immediately.
Here are several things that Your Employer can not do. Any of the acts listed below constitutes a violation of the National Labor Act.
  • Attend any union meeting, park across the street from a union meeting or engage in any undercover activity which would indicate that the employees are being kept under surveillance to determine who is and who is not participating in the Union.
  • Tell employees that the company will fire or punish employees if they engage in union activity.
  • Lay off, discharge or discipline any employee for union activity.
  • Grant employees wage increases, special concessions or benefits in order to keep the union out.
  • Bar employee-union representatives from soliciting employees’ membership on or off company property during non-working hours.
  • Ask employees what they think about the union or a union representative.
  • Ask employees how they intend to vote in a union election.
  • Ask employees about union matters, meetings, etc.
  • Threaten employees with reprisal for participating in union activities.  For example, threaten to shut down a facility, or close the business, curtail operations or reduce employee’s benefits.
  • Promise benefits to employees if they reject the union.
  • Announce that the company will not deal with the union.
  • Threaten to close, or actually do close or move a business in order to avoid dealing with a union.
  • Ask an employee, during the hiring interview, about his or her affiliation with a labor organization  or how that individual feels about unions.


These are just a few of the rights that you have as a member of Local 648.

Benefits under a Collective Bargaining Agreement

Collective bargaining is a process of negotiations between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements that regulate working conditions. The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a union to which the employees belong. The collective agreements reached by these negotiations usually set out wage scales, working hours, training, health and safety, overtime, grievance mechanisms, and rights to participate in workplace or company affairs.