Do Buy Union Made


Sweets and Treats

♥ Allan Candy Company
♥ Brown & Haley
♥ Dare Foods Limited
♥ Frankford Candy & Chocolate
♥ Ghiradelli Chocolate Company
♥ Parrson’s Candy Company
♥ Hershey Foods Corp.
(Hershey operates a number of non-union manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico that produce Hershey products, including Reese Peanut Butter Cups and more)
♥ Sconza Candy Company
♥ See’s Candy
♥ Jelly Belly Candy Company
♥ Nestle USA
♥ Tootsie Roll Industries
♥ Russel Stover
♥ Necco


♥ Andre Champagne
♥ Chateau Ste. Michelle
♥ Columbia Crest
♥ Saddle Mountain
♥ Farron Ridge
♥ Scheid Vineyards Inc.
♥ Balletto
♥ Charles Krug
♥ C.K. Mondavi
♥ C.R. Cellars
♥ Gallo of Sonoma
♥ Gallo Estate
♥ Turning Leaf
♥ Arbor Mist
♥ St. Supery
♥ Tott’s Champagne
♥ Almaden
♥ Berelli Creel
♥ Bartles & James
♥ Black Box
♥ Carlo Rossi

Flowers and Gifts

These union supermarkets offer flower arrangements created by union workers.
♥ Vons
♥ Safeway
♥ Pavillions
♥ Gelson’s
♥ Costco
♥ Ralphs
♥ Giant
♥ Teleflora

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Editors note: as with all Do Buy lists this list does not include all available union-made products and services. We welcome your suggestions and invite you to add your union-made products to our online database at