Our Purpose

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 648 seeks to establish a professional livelihood for all our members. We have a long and proud history of advocacy for workers, their families and the communities they serve. Professionalizing the cannabis industry can offer local communities jobs with strong wages, benefits, and career development opportunities that can’t be outsourced. We are committed to helping form a sustainable, well regulated, socially just cannabis industry that balances the needs of workers, communities and business owners. UFCW Local 648 is fully committed to organizing and representing workers employed in the Cannabis industry within its jurisdiction. UFCW Local 648 will continue its local and state-level policy work to strengthen cannabis worker protections and promote social equity programs to ensure just reinvestment, workforce development, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. Our communities are benefiting from a thriving cannabis economy. In many of these communities, cannabis workers are building professional careers with the UFCW.

Benefits of Union Representation for Cannabis Workers

Workers represented by UFCW Local 648 engage in collective bargaining with cannabis business employers over the terms and conditions of their work. Union contracts guarantee working conditions, such as wages, hours of work, employee benefits, “just cause” for discipline and discharge and a dispute resolution process, paid time off for illness, holidays, vacations, and other potential benefits. If the employer does not honor its obligations under your union contract, UFCW Local 648 gives workers a way to stand up for themselves with the assurance their job is safe. The union contract defines respect and ensures fairness at your workplace.

Benefits of Union Representation for Employers

UFCW Local 648 has worked for years to enact responsible cannabis regulations at the state and local levels. Our union has already negotiated collective bargaining agreements with retail dispensary operators across the state. Our unionized cannabis employers benefit from the professionalism, predictability, and stability a union workforce provides. Good, industry-wide job standards backed up by a union contract will allow business operators to compete on a level playing field. Additionally, California law requires cannabis businesses with 20 or more employees to enter into a Labor Peace Agreement with a “bona fide labor organization,” such as UFCW Local 648. The Labor Peace requirement for the City of San Francisco applies to cannabis business license applicants with 10 or more employees.

Benefits of Union Representation for Local Communities

UFCW Local 648 empowers its members to win the good jobs our communities need to thrive. Our union works closely with many community-based organizations to act as a partner on local labor and community issues. Union shops are for the community. UFCW Union shop stewards and business representatives help ensure employers strictly adhere to regulations enacted to protect communities. Union members have the support and independence necessary to stand up for themselves and for their community.