To: UFCW Local 648 Members Working at Walgreens

12/3/18 Negotiation Update

11/28/18 Negotiation Update

  • The next contract negotiation meetings with Walgreens are scheduled for Monday, 12/3/18 and Tuesday, 12/4/18.

10/30/18 Negotiation Update

Walgreens 103018 update

10/23/18 Negotiation Update

  • We met with your employer on October 22nd.  Altogether little progress was made in trying to resolve the issues outstanding, Walgreens appears to be reluctant to work with us to find a reasonable compromise.  Our next scheduled negotiation meeting will be October 30th.

10/1/18 Negotiation Update

  • The next contract negotiation meeting with the Federal Mediator and Walgreens is  Monday, Oct 22, 2018.

9/24/18 Negotiation Update

  • Negotiations has taken a disappointing setback.  Walgreens proposed takeaways, including modifications to your PTO which takes 3-8 days away from each member.  This is unacceptable and Local 648 vows to stand and fight for our members.

9/7/18 Negotiation update

  • We met with Walgreen’s today and there was positive movement.  The next contract negotiation meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 24th.

8/27/18 Negotiation update

  • The next contract negotiation meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 7th.  We will keep you updated as talks continue.

8/25/18 – Negotiation update

  1. We left the last negotiation meeting on August 20th after Walgreens made a proposal that again failed to meet your expectations.
  2. Local 648 is fully committed and prepared to meet with the company to resolve your contract.
  3. We firmly believe that Walgreens should share in their profits with YOU, who work hard to create these profits.
  4. Walgreens has a commitment to their patients and customers.  Where is Walgreens’ commitment to YOU?
  5. There will be NO strike until YOU VOTE on a proposal.
  6. Your healthcare does not immediately end if there is a strike.
  7. The Union does not want a strike, but it’s time to tell Walgreens that Corporate Greed at this level has to stop.
  8. The Union is working for YOU!

In Solidarity,

Dan Larson, President

Milton Hum, Secretary/Treasurer